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Don Peretz Music Education

"My objective is to focus on growth and the individual. Whether it be clinics, or private instruction the method is fundamentally a tool to expand instrumental veracity, artistic understanding, and creativity."   - Don Peretz

In studio and Skype online sessions

The Creative Method
The Creative Method is a private music lesson program that incorporates drumset/percussion instrument study with composing, analysis-music theory, and recording techniques. Every session is customized to a student’s strengths, age, identity, and level of musical knowledge. TCM focuses on the student's individuality and creativity as the basis of their musical development. Sessions emphasize instrumental repertoire and technique, as well as improvisation and creative composing as focal points to growth. From a young beginner enjoying the early benefits of learning music, to an experienced student building a professional music career The Creative Method is a comprehensive learning program enriching the student as a complete instrumentaslist artist.

Areas of focus:
Drumset study- styles, genres, technique, reading/sight-reading, improvisation, transcription, four-way cooridnation, groove building, solos, loop play and recording, etc.

Contemporary Percussion- study covers classical percussion instruments such as triangles, mallets, multi-percussion, and tympani, as well as ethnic hand percussion (congas, frame drums, bongos, etc.). Rhythmic improvisation plays a strong roll in this category as well as proper instrument technique and piece study.

Electronic music and recording production- Software: Pro Tools, Reason, Omnisphere, etc. Midi, loop building, and compositional structure. Synthesizer and drum machine programming. Instrumental composition, recording, mixing, and producing.

Composition, analysis, and theory covers the study of music notation and rhythm, harmonic understanding, and ear training. Listening and analysis. Composition forms from classical ensemble to modern ensemble, as well as solo pieces and songwriting.

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up" - Pablo Picasso

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." - Henry David Thoreau


Don has enjoyed considerable professional success both as a player and as a teacher.  I highly recommend Don for any musical situation.  I have also had occasion to send students to Don, they have enjoyed working with Don and experienced rapid growth. 
John Riley (Associate Professor Manhattan School of Music)

Don Peretz is a passionate teacher. His enthusiasm for music is contagious. He creates a comfortable friendly environment to grow as a musician. Don cares about his students and is always interested to hear about what is going on in your life. Many times I find myself applying ideas Don presents during lessons to my everyday life. 
- Geoffrey Healy (Student )

Overall, his students will accomplish their
playing goals and more, learning every aspect of the art
of percussion.
- Jeff Dobronyi (student)

[Don] is a gifted teacher and a wonderful person... whose skill and commitment are first rate. His teaching is quite effective and most every other music professional with whom my son comes in contact comments on the outstanding teaching that Don imparts.
- Leslie Yalof Garfield (mother of student - Professor of Law Pace University)

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